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Just some myth busting regarding the way a pendulum swings the way it does.

There is no way a pendulum can move by itself.

There is no unseen energy, such as an angel,  a spirit guide, aliens, your heart or you aura. So what moves your pendulum.

Actually …. you do.

Your pendulum is moved by micro movements of the muscles in you hand, your arm and shoulder. Controlling those muscles is your brain and subsequently your subconcious mind.

You can only ask yes or no questions. Asking ambiguous questions will result in the pendulum swinging in a direction other than the yes and no direction such as diagonally or going back to the neutral swing.

If a more precise answer is required of your pendulum then using a chart will give you more answers.

More information about this and other subjects such as setting up your pendulum to work for you will eventually be below.