Unique And Original Pendulum Design

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Hi, my name is Jeff Horrocks and I am a Pendulum Craftsman.

I started making pendulums about three years ago. I wanted to make pendulums that looked different from the usual desgn that you would normaly see. So I bought a wood turning lathe that I had to learn how to use. Then I had to learn and discover how to make make my pendulums look different from the rest. The result are the pendulums you see here.

All my pendulums are hand crafted from scratch. I use wood turned on my lathe to make the basic shape of the pendulum. Then I dress it with tiny crystals to a design thats unique and original.
I don’t sit down and design my pendulums on paper or a computer. I start designing directly onto the pendulum and allow my intuition and creativity to design my pendulums. 

Just so you know, there are over 450 crystals attached to each pendulum to make the designs you see. 

It can take me a long time to create a pendulum. I have high standards and this will show in each one I make and in the prices that I charge. 

You can buy a pendulum quite cheaply these days and are readily available online and in specialist shops. The cheapest I’ve seen are around £3.00 ($3.85).

Most base pendulums are mass produced. Many are made from a rock crystal and cut to shape with a machine. A lot are made with resin. The maker creates a pendulum shaped mould and then pours liquid resin into it. Some time later when it has set, a pendulum comes out shaped like all the others made previously.

Mine are individualy made and unique in design and shape. if you buy one of my pendulums, you will own one that has no equal and will be the only one like it in the world.

When you go to my pendulums page you will not see a photograph of them. Oh no. At no expense spared, you will see a videos of my pendulums rotating, so you can see them from all sides and be able to see how they sparkle as they turn.

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